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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

#trilliondollarfunds. The Canadian Mutual Fund Industry is worth more than $1 Trillion. What’s your share? Get a Free Portfolio Reviiew
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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Funds Data from daily NAVPS to detailed analysis and structured information that gets and keeps the attention of investors – advisors and even smart fund managers. Canadian mutual fund data is available from several institutionalized investment industry leaders. All of who make it look much more complicated than it really needs to be.

Mutual Funds are complicated enough and investors are already misunderstood, banks and new advisors go further in confusing the communication by trying to first explain complex investments and at the same time get a signed cheque ready to invest.

The more informed a mutual fund investor is, the easier it is to service them because they have taken Mutual Fund 101 and they have a solid base of understanding mutual funds.

Investors are indeed shopping and researching online and education and information may lead to interest and closed sales. Mutual Fund Investors and Shareholders have become savvier and demand clear communication, more open disclosure and better overall returns.

Mutual Funds Data alone is not the answer to get better portfolio performance. Knowledge and understanding of the important basics along with better investor – advisor relations is the key to good decision making by asking the right questions and making the right or best moves at the most opportune and pre-established trigger events.

Mutual Fund Data from all Canadian Mutual Fund Companies is clearly and concisely organized and formatted in a system and method that is hard not to understand, easy to explain and a visual master piece that makes the big picture a pleasure to see, explain and plan around for optimum and meaningful investor and customer experience.

Mutual Fund Data and Mutual Fund Centre a clean, important tool and inter-active chart that explains the markets at a glance and gives insight in to the most fearful aspect of an advisors life; creating the portfolio that makes sense for the investor and money for the customer. Simply from the top down enjoy The Top 10 Mutual Funds in Canada sliced and diced and trending to be top performers over the last 3 mos. Ranked. Mutual Fund Asset Classes the original 5 asset classes further defined in to 10 exact Mutual Fund Asset Classes expanded for your exacting comparison needs. Mutual Fund Categories all 53 rated, ranked and screened with drill down and inter-active day 1 charts and analysis.

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